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Powerman Vejle

Powerman Vejle 2018 – Race Report

Race Report Powerman Vejle 2018 European Championship. May 6th Open Race 5-30-5 Powerman Vejle was the season opener for me. I brought my family to the race and my son was participation in the kids…

Ironman Austria

PF_TRI Race plan 2018

I have been putting together a race plan for the first half of the 2018 season. There are so many great races in Denmark in this period so it has been hard to choose and…

Topo Magnifly2

TOPO Magnifly2 review

I was so happy with my new Ultrafly shoes that I got me a pair of TOPO Magnifly2 shoes as well. The Magnifly2 is a neutral shoe with 0% drop. Normally I run with a…