One month of traveling and training in Vietnam

Planning VIetnam

Can you travel with your family and still maintain a good quality Ironman training in Vietnam?

That is what I’ll try in April and May 2019.

April 14th I will travel to Vietnam with my family. The journey will be the classic one going from Hanoi in the North to Phu Quoc in the south. We will visit a handful of the most famous destination in Vietnam including Halong Bay, Ninh Binh, and Hoi An. But on the side, I need to train for my upcoming A race, Challenge Roth!

First of all I have to state that I have the full support from my family to do this. They are aware of the amount of hours I need to put into my training! The deal is that they should not miss out on anything due to my training, they can take of on an adventure and I’ll join them as soon as I can.

I’ve started my research for this trip a while back. I’ve been looking at the Vietnam Jungle Marathon as an event I would like to join, but unfortunately the data didn’t align. I also wanted to go on a bike trip in Vietnam to see the country behind a handlebar. Research of both these things lead me to Velo Vietnam – Cycling Experiences.

I took contact to them and we arranged a 3 day cycling trip out of Hanoi with a 20 K jungle run in between.

Now my urge for cycling and running in the jungle was covered I started to investigate the possibilities for training on the rest of the trip.

One of my biggest challenges was the 3 days cruise in Halong Bay. My first thought was to stay on land while the family the family jumped on the cruise. That was not and options according to my wife. What to do? Well we had to find a cruise ship with a treadmill and a bike. After a bit of googeling we manage to find one and we booked it. Now I just need to cross my fingers that the pictures and description was right.

I will not bring my own bike so cycling on most of the trip will be done indoor in a fitness center. Running I’ll try combine outdoor and indoor training. Swimming I hope to do a LOT of OW training but I must research other options.

I’ve researched all the areas where we will be staying and mapped all the pools and fitness centers around. Now I have a list of places to go for training with addresses and contact information. My plan is to contact the places to let them know I’m coming and to validate that the information I have found are valid. Hopefully this will save me some time in Vietnam, time I rather spend with my family discovering the country.

It could be fun meeting up with some local triathletes or runners. Hopefully the post will help me get in contact with a few.

I will be updating the blog, Facebook and Instagram during my trip so please stay tuned for my family triathlon adventure in Vietnam.