Review: Reflective Vest from Proviz


It’s autumn now here in Denmark and the days are getting shorter. That means that I sometimes have to run and bike in the dark.

For a few years I have been looking for a good reflective jacket or vest to wear for the purpose. But it needs to be highly reflective but still comfortable to wear. Last year I almost bought one from a known brand but the price kept me from completing the purchase. It was extremely pricey for a running jacket. So until now I have been wearing a cheap car safety vest on my runs and morning bike rides.

But that is not the case anymore!

At the CPH Half expo I stumbled upon a brand called Proviz. A highly reflective vest within a decent price range.
The series is called Proviz REFLECT360 and promises visibility in 360 degrees.

I just had to test it out so I got me a running vest and an x-vest.

First impression of the vest was that it was light around 100 grams. I noticed the mesh on the back and under the arms and the windbreaker material in from. Basically what I needed in a running vest.

The fitting seamed good not too loose or tight. And the quality of the stitching and zippers was surprisingly good compared to the price.

In daylight the vest is plain gray so I was looking forward to see how is was in the dark.

I couldn’t wait for the sun to set so I asked my kids to help me test it in a completely dark bathroom.

I dressed them up in the x-vest and took a flash photo of them.

Wow….Have a look for yourself.

Proviz Proviz

Now it was time to test it on the road.

I took the vest for an early morning test-run on a hazy windy morning. 15 km, 5 with the wind in my back and 10 with the wind in my face. There is no doubt that I am visible out there with this vest but how did it feel to run with it. Well it felt good.

The 5 km with the wind in my back I had to zip down a bit as it was a bit warm. But when I turned around and got the wind in my face I could really feel the windbreaker doing its job. Nothing was loose and flapping around and it kept med warm and comfortable.

I must admit I was a bit sweaty at the end but ok, I just ran 15 km, 10 being against the wind 7 AM in 11 Celsius with clothes better suited for 5 Celsius.


There is no doubt that I’m happy with my Proviz REFLECT360 and one more incredible thing is that they make it for kids as well. I definitely am going to get more of their products for myself and my family.

The vest retails here in Denmark for 499 kr at and that is a bargain compared to similar products.


220Triathlon: “Incredibly reflective.’

“The REFLECT360 Running X-vest is unisex and adjustable to fit all sizes.

Designed in line with our best-selling Proviz High Visibility Vest, the REFLECT360 running vest utilises 100% reflective material to help you stand out when out for your run. The REFLECT360 vest is an extremely lightweight item to accompany you out on the roads during hours of poor light or darkness as the lightweight reflective material reflects light and therefore you are more easily identified on the road.

About the fabric: The fabric used for the REFLECT360 range is highly technical. During daylight it is a modest grey colour. At night, when the fabric picks up an external light source, eg vehicle headlights, it gives ‘astonishing reflectivity’ (quote: Cycling Active Magazine) as it utilises millions of reflective beads that catch the light and reflect it back to the light source helping you be seen further in advance of travelling vehicles.”