Wrap up on my 2018 season.


The 2018 season is coming to an end and let me say, it’s been a season with mixed feelings.

It started off really bad with a back injury December 25th that kept me from training full strength until March. Even though I kept my tight race schedule in the spring and looking back that was a bad decision.

2018 was also the season where I choose to change coaching partners. More about that later.

Here are some of my races in 2018

Powerman Vejle 5-30-5
Telenor Marathon
Tri ved Søen 1/8
Karrebæksminde triathlon 1/4
Garmin Challenge Herning 1/2
Ironman Austria
Tri ved havnen 1/4
Copenhagen half-marathon
HCA Half-marathon

The first real challenge this season was Telenor Copenhagen marathon. A race I love and this was my 3rd time running it. It was only a B race but I god carried away and ended up with a solid PR. Even though I took it easy the last 12 km it drained my body and I came to pay the price the following month.

Two weeks after Marathon I had a sprint triathlon. At this race I could still feel the fatigue from the marathon and my body felt heavy and tired. I could not get any speed in my legs especially while running.

One week of rest before next challenge in Karrebæksminde on the ¼ distance. A great race but still struggeling from marathon not hitting the speed I knew I could both on the bike and on the run.


One more week of rest and then off to Herning for the Garmin Challenge Denmark ½ distance.

Again a great race and race setup. I did well in the water and well on the bike. At this point I had become wiser and took it very easy on the run. Before the season my plan was to finish in a solid sub 5 but easing up on the run took me just over.

My A race of 2018 was without a doubt Ironman Klagenfurt Austria. My plan was to go for a sub 10 but it never came close. To be honest I can see now that I wasn’t ready. I was not where I should have been both physically and mentally. My early season injury had set me back and the many races before had drained my body and mind. Klagenfurt was a great race but for me it was a disaster! You can read the race report on my blog.

Few weeks before Klagenfurt Austria I signed with a new coaching partner M2Sportslab and that decision ended up turning my season around.

m2sportslab pf_tri

After Klagenfurt I took a well-deserved vacation with my family without much training.

When I returned from vacation M2Sportslab started building me up again very slowly. It actually took a while before my runs became longer than 10 k. I didn’t race for weeks and that helped igniting the spark inside me. First real race after Austria was “Tri ved Havnen” ¼ distance. I followed the instruction from my coach even though I felt I had more in my legs and finished 8 min faster than my standing PR.

Next up was CPH Half-marathon.  This race was a C race in my schedule. My plan was just to run and enjoy, and I did. An amazing race in Copenhagen, lots of spectators and a really good vibe as always. Copenhagen is my favorite place to run! This was actually my first run over 12 km since Austria and my legs and body felt great. The joy of racing was back.

My season ended with HC Andersen half-marathon in Odense, Denmark. In my schedule this was a B race. My plan was to chase a new PR and run sub 95 minutes. I DID IT. I finished in 1:32:00 actually improving not only my 21.1 km PR but also my 10 km PR. What a great finish of the season.

To sum up: Has this been a good season?

Well honestly I’m not really able to answer that.

My feelings say no. I’m still very disappointed about my performance in Austria, that said I’ve learned a lot about myself.

But looking at the numbers this has been a great season. New PR on Marathon, Half-Marathon, 10 km, 1/4 IM.

What’s up next?

First of all my goal is still sub 10 on the full distance. I’ll attempt this in Challenge Roth in July.
If I make it I’ll step up the game and go for a Kona qualify in the 40-44 AG. I just need to find a race in the fall maybe Barcelona.

I really think this is doable in 2019 and there are 3 reasons for this.

  1. My family
  2. M2Sportslab, my coaches
  3. Montem Training, my diet and nutrition coach.

Thank you for reading