PF_TRI Race plan 2018

Ironman Austria

I have been putting together a race plan for the first half of the 2018 season.

There are so many great races in Denmark in this period so it has been hard to choose and prioritize.

I’ve ended up with this list of races. The schedule is a bit tight but I think I can manage and that the load is ok for my training towards Ironman Austria.

Some of the races I will not race full throttle but use to practice strategy and transitions.

  • European Championship Powerman Vejle 5-30-5 May 6th
  • Telenor Copenhagen Marathon May 13th
  • Tri ved søen 1/4 May 27th
  • Karrabæksminde Triathlon 1/4 June 2nd
  • Challenge Denmark 1/2 June 9th
  • Ironman Austria July 1st

The Powerman in Vejle is my first Duathlon. I will use this race to test where I am in my training but mostly to have fun with my family. (Kids race is available and my kids will attend).

Telenor Copenhagen Marathon will be used to practice Ironman pace. I will try to set the pace at 5:00 (12 km/h) and aim for a 3:30 finish. This is what I think I can do in Austria at the moment. (Kids race the day before the marathon)

Tri ved Søen (Triathlon by the lake) is a small and nice race close to home. I’m just here to enjoy the triathlon vibes and socialize with the local athletes. My son is also doing his first triathlon here. (mini triathlon for the kids)

Karrebæksminde Triathlon. This is the first time I will attend this race. I’m told it’s a great race so I’m looking forward to it. I will ride the race nice and easy as I need to save energy for Challenge Herning.

Garmin Challenge Herning. In this race I will test my endurance and form level. This is also the race where I will test my strategy towards Ironman Austria. Goal is a sub 5 hours race, hopefully 4:30 ish.

Goal for the season is the Full Ironman in Klagenfurt Austria. Let’s see how it goes. (Women and kids race the day before the Ironman)

After July 1st I don’t have any plans yet. I hope to do a few more Triathlons and maybe a marathon. I would like to attend Ironman Copenhagen but as its only 6 weeks after Austria and expensive I don’t think I will make it. I’m also playing with the thoughts about Trail and ultra-trail/run but let’s see what time brings.

Ironman Austria