TOPO Magnifly2 review

Topo Magnifly2

I was so happy with my new Ultrafly shoes that I got me a pair of TOPO Magnifly2 shoes as well.

The Magnifly2 is a neutral shoe with 0% drop. Normally I run with a small drop so the 0 drop is a bit new to me and takes a bit of getting used to.

The shoe is very comfortable to run in, soft with a lot of room for your toes due to the wide roomy toe box. I was a bit worried that this wide toe box would make me loose some of the feeling and control with the turf but it actually didn’t.

So fare I have had to training sessions in this shoes. First training was indoor short intervals on the treadmill second training was medium intervals outdoor on the track.

Both sessions the shoes performed well, indoor they kept my feet cool due to the mesh, Outside my feet was warm due to the roomy toe box. I could get a good speed both on the treadmill and the track in the shoes. The grip was good both indoor and outdoor in dry conditions. I haven’t tested them yes in wet conditions.

Would I recommend these shoes?

Yes I would!

For training these shoes are very good and comfortable due to the softness. Be aware that this is a neutral shoe with 0% drop so it’s a bit different to run in if you are used to 5mm drop and support.

For racing, if you aim for the PB’s and want to transport all your energy into your offset on behalf of comfort you should choose a different shoe.

I got the shoe from

Stack Height:25mm (0 drop)
Heel to Toe Drop: 0 mm
Weight: 283 g

Topo Magnifly2