A bad start of the year!

Bad start

It’s not a secret that my big goal for 2018 is Ironman Austria in under 10 hours. That goal feels very far away right now as I have had a VERY VERY bad start of the year.

Maybe I shouldn’t complain, I know there are many people out there that have it a lot worse than I have but I still feel a bit down, sorry!

Here is the reason.

On December 25 I hurt my back lifting Christmas presents into place. This is not new to me as I have struggles with back pains a few years back. Normally I am up and running again within a few days but this time I will not let go. Impatience as I am I tried to train it away and it kind of helped. It took me two weeks before the pain was almost gone and I could resume training again 100%. The day after we had a break-in in our house! Fortunately we were not at home and by pure luck I returned alone to the house to the unpleasant surprise. That night I slept very tense and due to that I had a muscle stuck in my back the next day. Back on painkillers for a few days! The week after I was ok again and off to Italy for skiing with the family. Big plans for skiing and training along the side. The 4th day in Italy I had a setback with my back-pains. After returning to Denmark I had my back x-rayed and it turn out that I have a Scheuermann in my lower back. Nothing very serious but a condition that I have to live with and I will keep me out of training from time to time.

So from now on I really need to focus on my back and core training and make sure to train and maintain the flexibility in my lower back.  I’m trying to put together a training plan for core and flexibility so if you guys have any knowledge in this area please feel free to contact me.

No more whining from me. I will get back in the saddle and come back stronger, I promise.Bad start

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