Miibelt Pro review

Miibelt Pro

I’ve got my hands on a MIIBELT Pro. Normally I use SPIbelt Original but I’m open to try something new.

My first impression was that the Miibelt Pro and the SPIbelt looked very much alike but the Miibelt Pro was a bit wider than the model of SPIbelt I normally use.

The look and feel of the Miibelt Pro was satisfying and felt like a good quality.

The Pocket I wide and expandable and can easily fit even one of the larger phones on the market.Miibelt Pro with Gel and Phone

A great little detail in the pocket is the small slot for exiting a headphone wire if you are not using wireless headphones.Miibelt Pro headphone slot

On the backside of the pocket there are some silicone anti-slip lines to make sure the belt is not sliding around.Miibelt Pro Anti-Slip

The belt has room for 6 gels, 3 on each side. What I really like here is that Miibelt pro has silicone anti-slip lines inside the each of the 6 loops. This is in my mind a great feature as I have lost some gels from my old belt I previous races. I’m looking forward to test if the gels are staying in place for my next race.

Miibelt Pro Gel Anti-slip

Talking about races… Miibelt Pro comes with detachable BIB holders to attach your race number so you don’t have to wear an additional race-belt or attach you BIB with safety pins to your shirt or pants.

On the front side of the belt in the zipper the Miibelt pro has some reflective stripes to increase your visibility in the dark and keep you safer.

Miibelt Pro BIB

Miibelt Pro is ONE SIZE and that is my only negative comment about this belt. I’m not a big guy waist 92 cm and I have to extend the belt to its maximum length and it’s a tight fit. Besides from that I can highly recommend Miibelt Pro

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