My 2018 season


My 2018 season.

It has been very quiet from me in a while and I’m sorry about that. That doesn’t mean I have quit training and triathlon! I have been working on the plans for my 2018 season and that is what this post is about.

Here in the off season I’m building power in my body to get me closer to my goal, a sub 10 hour Ironman.

I’m still working with OOB life as my trainer and I have confidence in that they will get guide in the right way.

I have engaged in a few good Ambassador deals with some great brands. This season I will represent the following as brand ambassador.

Garmin Challenge Denmark – Race and event makers
Compressport – Compressoin clothes
PurePower – Energy
Miiego – Wireless earphones

So what’s in my race-plans for 2018?

Well that has been a hard one and it’s not completely set yet.

So far my plan is set until July.

  • Copenhagen Marathon
  • Tri by the lake ¼ distance
  • Garmin Challenge Herning ½ distance
  • Ironman Austria full distance

I would like to add some more races for the late summer and autumn but not quite sure what, where and when. Copenhagen Ironman might be an option but it’s only 6 weeks after Austria. But we’ll see.

I might try out new areas like trail or ultra races.

And yes – NEW LOGOpftri

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