TOPO Ultrafly review

topo ultrafly

I’m happy to be able to test the TOPO Ultrafly running shoe.

My test is not in any way scientific it’s just about my own thoughts and feelings.

Even though I got these shoes for free to test this is my uncensored opinion!

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Details about the shoe

WEIGHT: 9.9 OZ // 281 G (M9)





Running conditions

I took the shoe for a flat and easy 15 km run mostly on asphalt and a bit of gravel. It was cold outside -2 Celcius but mostly dry roads.


Unpacking the shoes I noticed that they looked wider that the shoes I normally run in. They felt light and had some nice colors. The quality of the shoe felt good and the fit was nice. The box was nice vivid and graphical and fit the shoes well.

The running experience

I must admit I was a bit worried how it would feel running in such a roomy toe box shoe. Would it feel clumsy and awkward, and would it take some getting used to. On that behalf I tied the shoe very tight before hitting the road. My worries were gone after a few meters. The shoe felt from the beginning very comfortable light and soft.

I hit the roads in a slow pace 5:00 to 5:20 as I wanted to test these shoes as a distance and mass training shoe. Normally I would get cold feet in this temperature at this pace when using normal running socks. Today I was using normal socks to test the temperature. I must admit I was very surprised what the roomy shoe did to the temperature. My feet were nice and warm throughout the whole run, very nice!

Now you would think that a roomy toe box would have a cost on the control. That is still an open question that I cannot answer yet as this was an easy non-technical run. But for this type of run I did not feel any lack of control due to the shoe.

On the dry asphalt and gravel the shoe had a good grip and control. But in slippery areas with ice and frost the shoe was very slippery and I had to avoid running in those areas.

All in all this shoe surprised me. It was a very nice shoe to run in as a distance training shoe. It was warm, soft and comfortable and had a good grip and control on dry flat areas. I looked and felt good and I look forward to get some more km in them.

In controversy I would not recommend this shoe for running on slippery surfaces like mud, snow, frost and ice as it was very slippery. But if the trail version from TOPO is as comfortable at this shoe I can’t wait to try them.

So thumbs up for TOPO Ultrafly.

If you want to buy a pair of TOPO you can get them at

topo ultrafly

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